Free 6 Month warranty Includes 1 time tree replacement & shipping if
you used us to ship.


Extended Warranty 18 Months includes 1 time tree replacement
& shipping if you used us
to ship.


Warranty & Planting Instructions

Tree must be planted on day of arrival. 

6 to 10 inches of gravel must be in the bottom of the planting hole.

Finished hole size after gravel.
Small trees need a 48+ inch square 24 inch deep hole.
Medium Trees need a 72+ inch square 24 inch deep hole.
Large & Extra Large Trees need a 84+ inch square 24 inch deep hole for planting.


Step 1: Remove Plastic.

Step 2: Leave burlap on and set tree in place.

Step 3: Peel off burlap & leave in hole.

Step 4: Water in tree while back filling. Make it muddy around tree so dirt flows under tree and fills all air pockets.

Step 5: Build a 6 inch tall berm around tree 2ft to 3ft from trunk.




Water 1 time a week by filling berm with 40 gallons of water. If its 90 degrees or hotter, water 2 times a week. Every 3 months spread 32 oz of Triple 15 in berm area. You may use Blood & Bone meal to fertilize & super thrive. Only use triple 15 & super thrive after you compact soil.


Warranty is void if:

   -You don't plant tree the day of arrival 

   -You don't follow our planting instructions

   -You don't use our watering instructions

   -You leave plastic on or in hole.
   -You use an under ground watering system.

        Tree must be watered from the top down. 30% of B&B trees that have an
        under ground watering system die.
  -You add fertilizer to your soil when you back fill.

        You can use fertilizer after you compact the new soil around the tree.

  -You don't put gravel under tree.