About Us

We at Premier Olive Trees, operating in the central valley of California, provide thousands of beautiful field grown, mature olive trees to landscapers, contractors, and homeowners like you. We supply and ship these quality olive trees (both big and small) all over the state of California.

To show our confidence in the health and hardiness of our specimen olive trees, we offer warranties that are the best in the business. You’ll get our 6 month limited warranty at no cost; and if we deliver your original olive tree, we'll include free shipping on the replacement tree at no charge. Our warranty also outlines our tried and true method to safely transplant olive trees, keeping them healthy and beautiful. 


We don't just sell olive trees, but we also personally ship our trees throughout the State of California. That means you will get experienced drivers who understand the unique challenges of delivering large olive trees over California highways.


Since we are not landscapers or contractors, you will need a professional to unload and transplant the tree itself. We will partner with them in order to safely transplant the tree.


For contractors, landscapers, nurseries, and architects, we also provide our trees wholesale, and have supplied many large projects. Wether you need 1 or 100 trees, we've got you covered. Contact us for any wholesale needs.

Please contact our sales team if you have questions, need a bid, or would like to tour our groves.